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Company Profile

Goodyes Network Technology Co., Ltd.


Company Location: Hong Kong

Business: network services, network accelerators and games, advertising, software design, consulting, trade, etc.

Company Profile:

GOODYES, founded in 2010, headquartered in Hong Kong, China, with offices in the mainland. To develop conducive to network services, network accelerators and games, advertising, software design, consulting, trade, as the main business scope. Determined to develop a real free high-quality, safe, applicable to the majority of users of the software, to provide users with competitive high-tech products and services. The company’s aim is to adhere to the “provision of quality service” as the criteria, adhering to the “science and technology to create value” concept, to provide our clients with personalized solutions and intimate and efficient service.

company team:

Goodyes network consists of a group of experienced and responsible network of talent, market staff, programmers, software developers, website SEO engineers and have a wealth of experience. As a network of technology development and promotion as the core competitiveness of the company, good Lord of the team in the field of Internet development and promotion with first-class marketing and business practice. Company team has always adhere to the criteria for quality services, take the public service model, loved by the majority of users and many partners agree and support. In the enterprise Internet application train on the high-speed track today, the company grasp the development opportunities of the times, and strive to strive for excellence, advanced technology, quality service, ahead of the strategy, to build China’s first-class enterprise network services.
Company Culture:

The good company culture is the combination of human culture and market culture.

Specifically, the good use of the United States Silicon Valley modern enterprise management model:

In the good Lord, we pursue equality and open communication and communication, BOSS team also struggle with you.

In the good yeah, we learn from each other and participate in the coolest Internet technology development and promotion, of course, including network acceleration, game sports common growth.

In the good Lord, we guarantee the results of the work under the premise of flexible arrangements for working hours, free Internet access, whether black cat cat caught a mouse is a good cat.

In good relations, we appreciate the spirit of adventure and innovation, and for everyone to provide adequate space for development and development prospects.

Company guidelines:

To the company:

When the company is developing smoothly, make persistent efforts;

When the company changes, understand the support and actively cooperate with;

When the company is in trouble, come forward and help each other.

To work:

It is our minimum requirement to deal with work with “dedicated” attitude;

With the “professional” spirit of the work is our eligibility criteria;

It is the direction of our efforts to integrate into the work of “career”.

Company Vision:

Providing opportunities for all of our employees, business partners, and users to create and realize their dreams.

With the years of efforts to gradually in the Chinese online market cut a striking figure, as one of the most development potential  goodyes Network Technology Co., Ltd., its rich resources, has been Taiwan, Hong Kong, the United States, Britain, Russia, Spain , Arabia, South Korea, Japan and other countries and regions to provide services.

The company said that the company will use advanced Internet technology, the establishment of an open, transparent, shared data application platform, through the provision of high quality, high value-added real estate works, high-quality services for users to create new living space; And the common development of employees for employees to create new growth space; by contributing material wealth and spiritual wealth, for the community to create new urban space.

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