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Whatsvpn user Frequently Asked & Questions

Whatsvpn user Frequently Asked & Questions

1.Whatsvpn permanent free?

Hello! Welcome Whatsvpn, our technology will make your speeds as fast like a rocket! Whatsvpn currently supports Android, IOS system, windows desktop. Support for multiple protocols, multi-line arbitrarily switch. Permanent offers three free lines, all lines will be limited to traffic.

Usage: First, click on the registration, login, select the line you need to connect, and then set a key, it will automatically display the connection process until a successful connection. It can be used normally. Use the appropriate members of the line according to membership level.

Whatsvpn permanently free, unlimited long, expensive high-performance servers all over the world, even if the line is free enough with other mainstream VPN paid line to compete!


Which devices 2.Whatsvpn support?

Whatsvpn supports PC / Android / IOS mainstream platform! If your operating system supports built-in VPN protocols and can achieve a stable high-speed link on any other device!


  1. Why account login prompt abnormal?

Recently, we found that your account could be a security risk, such as an abnormal recharge log in place or illegal means, please strictly observe the user regulations!


  1. Why is my node will delay high and unstable flow status bar is displayed as 0?

Server speed is very dependent on your local network stability and speed, to ensure smooth local network and router back into the open through the agreement, try to change an agreement is a good choice.


  1. How to manually set up?

Click on the phone system settings “More” in the VPN options, click ‘Add VPN network, “after the new registration Whatsvpn successively enter your account and password, and server address According to the guidelines, the server address manually in the software of the link setting interface to view and get the latest server address list. Description Name just write.


  1. What is a VIP member? VIP Members Free members more than what privilege?

VIP membership is the speed limit for the pursuit of users and the most speed test applications and design, such as youtube seamless full HD video and zero delay outer clothing online games! Free members can only use three free lines, because of the large number of connections will be the emergence of the phenomenon of instability and slow acceleration. VIP members can use more lines, each line has a number of use restrictions to ensure the quality of network acceleration. Of course, customized for private members, we offer exclusive dedicated server and bandwidth, enjoy a higher level of security and high-speed transmission connections.


What 7.Whatsvpn membership fee standards?

Please pay for specific information within the software to view the page. Member login page Package Page Views:


  1. have been paid, but the show did not open the corresponding service / membership?

Please restart to post-paid software update for the new membership level; server may have a few minutes of delay after the wait will automatically open; if there is no response for a long time, please provide your payment information to send mail Contact customer service.


  1. After I purchased a VPN, but also need to consume mobile phone traffic it?

VPN requires the use of a local network support available to you! Higher requirements on the network, it is recommended to use WIFI links, mobile phone use is not recommended traffic link.


10.Whatsvpn safe?

Use of the software industry’s most sophisticated encryption algorithm, even the most crazy hackers can not know your Internet records, ease of use!


  1. In the Internet you can use Whatsvpn it?

Most of the public network is closed to the outside of the VPN-related functions support! Internet included, only a handful of Internet cafes!


12.Whatsvpn can also download acceleration support it?

Of course, depending on your local network conditions.


  1. Why after connecting VPN, network or slow?

If the search using Baidu, QQ, micro letters and other domestic software, the network is slow compared to normal; if the connection is an overseas website is still slow, try replacing a server or protocol.


  1. a VPN account can be used in multiple devices (computers, mobile phones) on it?

You can be communicated with each other but not both links! Family members of a support account on three devices while landing; Personal Tailor can be customized according to the number at the same time to ensure that the use, for the use of high demand and large number of corporate users or super VIP members.


15.WhatsvpnVPN can play the US clothing / hanbok game?

Those who are outside the service game!


16.VPN often dropped how to do?

Try manually link the phone system settings, click “More” in the VPN options, click ‘Add VPN network, “after the new registration Whatsvpn successively enter your account and password, and server address According to the guidelines, the server address in the software manually set the link interface to view and get (name casually written).


17.Whatsvpn accelerate ip fixed it?

For your information, we are using a dynamic IP.


  1. forget your password, user name how to do?

Please send your leave registration mailbox “Feedback”, or the “landing” page click on “Forgot Password” in the “Retrieve Password” screen click “One Click back” or “mailbox to retrieve.” The system will automatically pop up your user name and password.


  1. accelerate the success encountered in the game dropped?

Make sure that the patency of the local network, or an agreement to replace the server. provided with a key which vpn protocol

Ipsec / whatsvpn / staticvpn / tlsvpn.


21.ios provided with a key which vpn protocol

Ios8 is ipsec; ios9 is ikev2.


  1. What are manually set vpn protocol

Manually set the protocol include: pptp / l2tp / ipsec / ikev2.

Windows pptp / l2tp / ikev2 setting method


How 23.openvpn

openvpn is designed specifically for Windows.


  1. How do I install openvpn openvpn GUI and procedures

(1) according to the operating system version, download one installation file (from and install:

32-bit operating system openvpn-install-2.3.6-I003-i686.exe or openvpn-install-2.3.6-I603-i686.exe

64-bit operating system openvpn-install-2.3.6-I003-x86_64.exe or openvpn-install-2.3.6-I603-x86_64.exe

Is displayed when you install the TAP driver has not been digitally signed warning, select Allow installation.

(2) the HKUST openvpn configuration file is downloaded to the machine temporary directory and extract the four documents, these four files are copied to the installation directory openvpn config below, typically C: \ program files \ openvpn \ config, it may be C: \ Program Files (x86) \ OpenVPN \ config

(3) In openvpn installation directory bin (default is C: \ program files \ openvpn \ bin), find openvpn-gui.exe, click the right mouse button and select “Run as administrator” (English Run as Administrator )

(4) If openvpn-gui already started, select Exit.

(5) in the lower right corner of openvpn-gui-click the right mouse button, according to the same network as their own, to ustc-dianxin or other menu, click “connect” to connect vpn.


  1. On the computer how to use Whatsvpn?

win7: Click the network icon in the lower right corner -> Open Network Settings -> Create a network connection -> Create a working area networks -> Create a new connection -> Fill in the server name and address (name casually written) – > fill in your whatsvpn account password -> click Finish to

You can also use our development computer terminal, download and install the computer end Whatsvpn, enter the account password, select the appropriate line is ready for use.


  1. vpn connection is not what is the reason?

Usually this happens in the case of using a public network, or multiple links within a short time will not cause the server back to your account offline, then you may need to contact us to seek assistance, please contact us at the Help Center!


  1. How to WIFI network share to other devices?

Please visit individual centers for detailed graphic tutorials:

  1. What are the benefits of private custom line, how to customize?

Custom line is more suitable for private use of company collaboration / team and other large groups. Custom Route See the purchase page!

  1. Private customized package is the most honorable course, you can use all the lines free membership, bronze members, Platinum members, family members, private lines, etc.
  2. The sub-account can be used simultaneously (such as the company purchased a private custom package can be sub-accounts to employees)
  3. The administrator account can manage sub-accounts (add, delete, view the use of sub-account).
  4. the same time, an account can only be connected to a device on the vpn
  5. To purchase a number of private lines, you can continue to buy
  6. Private Line ip non-disclosure; use, you can apply to us for replacement of the line;


29.Whatsvpn how to download?

Help Center: http: //

Line: https: //

Download Center: https: //

Membership Package: https: // type = select_packages?

IOS version download:

Android version Download: (machine front net download); (Baidu Mobile Assistant download)

PC version:


  1. How to contact Whatsvpn customer service?

contact us:

Email: (customer questions feedback); (cooperation talks)


line: whatsvpn

Micro-channel public number: whatsvpn

Support Micro Signal: whatsvpn2


contact number:

+852 31108636


If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us you can contact by any means, including message boards.

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why not connect vpn?

One-key-set do not connect successfully

  • If device does not appear the keychains of vpn at  the android‘s top   vpn keychains appears, it means your network affect VPN
  • Solution:Setting–>onekeyset–>change other protocol
  • Learn four kinds of one-key-set

One-key-set connected but not access internet

  • If android device connected,but not access internet ,maybe you use default protocol :whatsvpn
  • Case:whatsvpn a non-disclosure agreement, DNS transmission defect is prone to instability
  • Solution:Setting–>onekeyset–>change other protocol
  • Learn four kinds of one-key-set

Handset do not connect successfully

  • if use PPTP/L2TP/IPSEC/IKEV1/IKEV2/OPENVPN but not success,There are two reasons:
    1、vpn setting is incorrect;
    2、affect By Firewalls  or the company’s firewall
  • Solution:
    1.Confirm your settings are correct
    2.Try connect local country lines, if the connection is successful, it means one firewall preventing transnational networks

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GET server address:

at the whatsvpn app,select one line,then select handset,you can see server address and  supported protocols


PPTP settting

GET server address:

at the whatsvpn app,select one line,then select handset,you can see server address and  supported protocols

1、Figure 5 standard system for Android

2、Part of the phone’s VPN option will be displayed in the first step, according to the type of your phone.
3、Create a VPN, please prepare your whatsvpn account number and password

4、Set up a line name, you can fill in. Type please choose according to the situation, if the first time you use the default PPTP hand set. Then enter the server address in the second edit box (see the top information).And then click save

5、Then you’ll see a list of the VPN that you just added, let’s click on him to continue

6、This step input your account number and password (whatsvpn account password) and check your information, click OK to start the Internet journey!

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Which provide protocols about handset?

Which provide protocols about handset?

Handset includes:OpenVPN,pptp,l2tp,ipsec,ikev1,ikev2

The following is handset method to set the protocol of each platform

  • android support:PPTP , L2TP/IPSEC PSK , IPSEC XAUTH PSK  Get guide
  • IOS support:PPTP , L2TP , IPSEC  Get guide
  • WINDOWS support: PPTP  , L2TP , IKEV2  Get guide
  • Mac support:PPTP,L2TP,IPSEC

WINDOWS os supports OPENVPN,detail

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What advantage about private customize vpn line

What advantage about private customize vpn line

Non-Private Custom lines of disadvantages:

1.All lines are used in common with others.while others are downloading  files, it will affect you to use!

2.All lines are open to anyone.when firewall management or GFW blocks these lines,You can not use temporarily until we repair.

3.IP address is not fixed. Line ip randomly assigned to you, it’s hard to connect to your previously used ip;

4. Unable to Account Management. When you want to give an account to  other partners,your account is unsafe.

If you are trading stocks, play games Flying slowly ……it may cause huge losses.

Private custom line advantages:

1. private custom lines only allows you and your partners to use.

2. Private custom lines is private, only you and your partner know the server address and ip address

3. You can manage your partners (sub-account) usage, and can kill it off

4.ip  address is fixed, if no special circumstances, ip is not changed

5. Multiple sub-accounts can be up to 50 accounts.

6. You and sub-accounts can use the bronze / gold / home  lines

 view private custom packages

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