OPENVPN configuration and advantages

Please download openvpn configuration

OPENVPN belongs to no port vpn, use SSL encryption. Currently belongs to one of the safest vpn, can resist the corporate network administrators and network operators block!

whatsvpn openvpn full support WINDOWS, ANDROID, IOS, MAC and other systems.

The following is the Apple openvpn configurations:

1. Download openvpn software tunnelblick on Macintosh (
2. Install tunnelblick
3. Create a named “whatsvpn” on the Macintosh desktop folder
4. Open, landed Account
5. Click on the “Get WINDOWS, IOS, MAC configuration file” -> IOS (iphone and ipad) -> openvpn
6. You will see a list of profiles, such as:
Georgia, Atlanta .usa (download)
New Jersey (standby) .usa (download)
Japan Tokyo (1) .japan [vip privileges] (download)
Fremont, California .usa (download)
Video | Music | Download .japan [vip privileges] (download)
Video | Music | Download .usa_video (download)
Video | Music | Download .usa_video [vip privileges] (download)
7. Download any one line, and put the above “crossvpn” the document referred to in article 3 folder
8. put the folder “whatsvpn” renaming “whatsvpn.tblk”
9. Double whatsvpn.tblk will be automatically installed to tunnelblick
10. In the upper-right corner of the screen click tunnelblick icon, select whatsvpn, and connection.
11. Enter your account password, you can connect successfully after a few seconds
NOTE: Some lines may be short-term maintenance, use a download other lines.

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