What advantage about private customize vpn line

What advantage about private customize vpn line

Non-Private Custom lines of disadvantages:

1.All lines are used in common with others.while others are downloading  files, it will affect you to use!

2.All lines are open to anyone.when firewall management or GFW blocks these lines,You can not use temporarily until we repair.

3.IP address is not fixed. Line ip randomly assigned to you, it’s hard to connect to your previously used ip;

4. Unable to Account Management. When you want to give an account to  other partners,your account is unsafe.

If you are trading stocks, play games Flying slowly ……it may cause huge losses.

Private custom line advantages:

1. private custom lines only allows you and your partners to use.

2. Private custom lines is private, only you and your partner know the server address and ip address

3. You can manage your partners (sub-account) usage, and can kill it off

4.ip  address is fixed, if no special circumstances, ip is not changed

5. Multiple sub-accounts can be up to 50 accounts.

6. You and sub-accounts can use the bronze / gold / home  lines

 view private custom packages

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